Polystyrene is a versatile and economical material, offering a unique combination of strength, lightness, thermal insulation and durability. It is 100% recyclable and is available in various grades (both expanded and extruded) making it suitable for a range of applications.
Polystyrene is ideal for protecting delicate and/or valuable objects from Bone China to Electronic Components whilst in transit.

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It is equally well suited for supporting more robust items such as concrete stone and glass products.
Due to its excellent insulation properties, polystyrene can assist in maintaining constant temperature e.g. during transport of thermally sensitive medical supplies.

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The cutting techniques we employ do not incur any significant tooling costs or lengthy set up times we are therefore able to generate and modify designs rapidly and cost effectively. Products include edge protectors, end caps, blocks, pads, channels, cylinders, boxes and lids and much more.
K B Polystyrene cubes are ideal for packaging irregular shaped items. This 100% recycled product is available in 5 cubic feet bags.

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K B Loosefill is a finer packaging material, similar to that found in bean bags. It is also 100% recycled and available in 6 cubic feet bags.
We are also stockists of Bubblewrap and Polyethylene Foam (Cell-Aire
™), in varying thicknesses, splits and with or without perforations.

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